This website is where I'll be posting all content related to my medieval fantasy novel series, which is set in the wild magical continent of Middonmira, on a world called Yimrasil. These stories follow many different characters as they each navigate their way through life and deal with the situations thrown at them during a time of war and tension.

I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork and reading snippets of my written work!

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About the author

Hi! I'm the author and illustrator for all the work on this site. My name is Charlotte E. R. Tibbs. I'm based in SE QLD, Australia, and have a number of hobbies and things I do for work, including sculpture, SFX and cosplay makeup, modelling and acting, and drawing and writing (obviously).

As a kid who grew up with a lot of anxiety, escaping through different forms of fantasy media was, and still is, extremely precious and important to me.

I was practically raised on the classic Disney movies, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and many other fantasy films. As soon as I could read I started on the Harry Potter books, which led to Deltora Quest, Eragon and the Inheritance Cycle, and The Narnia Chronicles.

Initially I started out writing a sci-fi centric story titled Elizabeth Ammonite. It was about interdimensional portals disguised as mirrors. One of the dimensions/worlds they went to in that story was an early version of what became Yimrasil. In an attempt to create a silly spin-off story based in that universe following a bard and her unlikely friends, I accidentally developed it far more than I intended, to a point where Elizabeth Ammonite was an abandoned story and the world of Yimrasil and the continent of Middonmira were the centre stage of my muse. 

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