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The deep history of Yimrasil is one steeped in myths and mysteries. Not many know for certain exactly how everything came about, and each culture has their own interpretation of events. 

The pantheon of spiritual and divine entities play integral roles in all creation myths, as they are perceived to be the driving forces that created Yimrasil and the life of its inhabitants. 

The entities are considered to be celestial beings of whom have lived hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes, reincarnations, and rebirths. Beings of infinite wisdom and power, who's souls have ascended to a plain of existence unfathomable to mortals.   

While some stories speak of how all life was created simultaneously on the one planet, others state that all life already existed, separated by stars in places far away from one another, otherwise unfated to meet, and was brought together by these celestial beings of higher power. 

One detail that many of the myths have in common are portal gates, doorways that acted as entry points between worlds, allowing passage from one side to the other. This detail being so widespread in the old tales makes it harder to brush off as mere coincidence, leading many to believe that this is the truth to the diversity of life on Yimrasil.  However there are many arguments and discussions toward this, based on the fact that it could simply be a story that became widely circulated throughout the ancient world to a point where it integrated itself in many culture’s myths and legends. 

All records of the creation myths are so ancient that many fail to acknowledge the importance of their meanings anymore. And indeed, the series of events that took place between the ancient to current times of the world left very little evidence of the old world left to study or ponder. 


It was no wonder why the simplicity of surviving became more of a focus for the majority of inhabitants of Yimrasil, as times of war and ruin came upon all people where there was power- or a need for it. 

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