The Obsidian Desert is the south-east homeland of the Drokharan, the dark elves.

Old myths say that the Drokharan used to be of an elven race that dwelled underground.

They wished to be able to live in the land above, but were unable to, being weak of the sun and harsh elements. A sect of them wished to abandon their homeland underground and venture to the sunlit lands, so they prayed to any of the deities who would listen. Soon their pleas were heard and one deity struck a deal with them; it told them that in order to live above ground they would have to be forever changed, but that the land they newly dwelled on would be shaped and suited to their requirements. They agreed to these terms, and so the land of the Obsidian Desert was forged through a cataclysmic eruption of molten rock and fire, destroying the land and people that once inhabited the south-east of Middonmira. And in the process sealed away any who remained of their original people.

The sect of elves had not intended for the destruction, nor were they fully prepared for the drastic change of their appearance; their skins became tough and coloured like the stone of the land around them, their eyes now black with purple irises- they had become much like the deity who had cursed them so, the entity that called itself Pravitas. 

The land of the Obsidian Desert is harsh and unpredictable. Expanses of black sand, craggy, jagged mountains, acidic lakes, geysers, volcanos, deep underground caves and constant meteor showers that rain over the sky blaring with a red sun are just some of the prominent features of the environment. 

The Drokharan have learned to adapt to the land, they find ways to work with it to best yield the riches and recourses it has to offer. They build cities, towns, villages, farms and mines. For though the elements are harsh and treacherous, their new biology allows them to withstand it effectively. 

The land is rich in minerals, both that grow in the volcanic ground and those that are leftover from the meteorite showers that are common on some of the plains. 

The black rocks spread over the borders and seep into the other lands surrounding it, but it is mysteriously contained, hinting truth to the old legends that speak of the very land itself being cursed.  

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Kastwenya is the north-eastern land of Middonmira.


Atrus encompasses much of the central and northern lands of Middonmira.