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Native to: ? (Humans are not native to Middonmira- or even Yimrisil, as far as the old legends are concerned.)

Lifespan: 100

Humans are incredibly resourceful and determined, integrating themselves into many terrains and climates, building kingdoms, cities and towns. Spreading their influences and religions easily due to their sheer population- and the fact that they seem to have ancient footholds all over the landmasses in the south west.


Humans are not born magically gifted, they can learn magic through intensive study, enabling them to utilize and master it to the same level as a naturally gifted magic wielder.  


Native to: ?


Lifespan: 300



Alfvanir are also known as "common elves". They are thought to be an sub-race of humans and elves, due to their close similarities, features and traits. But it is unknown where exactly their elvish roots came from, since there are no other pure elven races that closely resemble them.

Like most elves are naturally adept at magic. The Alfvanir draw their magic from nature and living things.


Native to: The Obsidian Desert


Lifespan: 300


Drokharan are also known as "dark elves". They specialize in fire and illusion-based magic.

They draw power for their magic from the natural obsidian gemstone found in abundance in their homeland. They make beads and ornaments out of it and weave it into clothing and other accessories.  

It is essential they have obsidian on their person if they travel outside of their homeland, if not they would be unable to properly perform their magic, risking fatality by draining too much of their own energy.

It is a common stereotype that Drokharan's are largely known for being rouges, thieves and assassins, due to their affinity with illusion magic and stealth, and apparent greed for wealth and collection of treasures. 

In truth however the majority of their society is built on their advancement in academia and scientific discovery. They have a vast many schools, colleges, museums and libraries full of carefully recorded knowledge.  

It is common to see Drokharan trading caravans on the outskirts of the desert, and in other lands setting up shop in the towns and cities. They sell fine goods such as silks and precious stones to the wealthy upper-class. 


Native to: Western Middonmira


Lifespan: 500+?

Also called "trolls" are considered to be among some of the most ancient beings to live in the lands of Middonmira. They are a very secretive and solitary culture who close their boarders off and rarely ever engage in conflict or comradery with outsiders unless absolutely necessary.


They are naturally adept at magic and draw their power from the earth- or ground. (Similar to the Alfvanir who draw their power from nature, but not quite the same. While an Alfvanir might draw power from a single vine or plant, the Doanduin must be connected to the ground or soil of the earth to channel magic.)

Though they are a solitary culture, some clans from the marshlands of the north do occasionally trade with the Atrus empire.