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The god of curses and chaos. Pravitas is a shapeshifter who takes many forms, though is often depicted as a very tall dark elf with horns, many eyes and a face-splitting grin. 

Pravitas may appear masculine or feminine or entirely androgynous. They are not blatantly evil but utterly chaotic and unpredictable.

When one is cursed by Pravitas it is unknown exactly what to expect, it could result in a change of form or a complete change of nature- or both. Many of these afflicted are known fittingly as Cursed Ones. 

Alder and Alma

The god and goddess of life and nature. They represent balance, the feminine and the masculine energies co-existing as one divine entity. 

Often times they are revered as a single deity by worshippers, but just as often they are also individually represented or invoked depending on the circumstances. 


Patron god to the Ahltinor. Creator and deity of the sun and flame.