Fredericka Farvolk

Race: half elf

Age: 20

Alignment: chaotic good

Frederica grew up in a secluded village called Ivarsbyn in the South of the Atrus Empire in Middonmira. The area known for its thick forests, mountains, farming land and few travelling routes.

She was taught how to play the lute at a young age and has since continued to develop her talents as a bard. She can play most instruments, but favors the lute, the one she carries with her everywhere was made for her by the previous skald of her village, Old Hrogar.

As well as being adventurous, Frederica can be very hedonistic; spending her leisure time indulging in alcohol and exchanging songs and stories on her travels. 


Lance Blackburn

Race: human

Age: 28

Alignment: neutral

Lance was raised in a village situated in central Middonmira, close to the great cities of Atrus and Blackspire. 

He is the eldest of four sons and was tutored by his father to carry on the family business of making and selling commission arms and armor to those in the cities- much to his disdain. Lance has a great talent for blacksmithing, but chooses to become a wandering mercenary, preferring a life on the road with no one to tie him down. 

Camille Laurentstrom

Race: licorne

Age: 53

Alignment: neutral good

Camille hails from the dense uninhabited lands of the north peninsular of Middonmira, where he was raised by his clan.

He set off to wander the world as a travelling mage and got captured by bandits, soon he would be rescued by Lance and Frederica. Despite owing them a life debt- as Lance put it- Camille agrees to join them for a short time only, until they reach a large enough city to provide for him a safe haven.  



Race: drokharan

Age: 423

Alignment: ???

Torrellan is the childhood friend and mentor to Frederica. He came to the small village of Ivarsbyn to live out the last years of his life. He was a talented warlock/mage with an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge.  



Race: half elf

Age: 35

Alignment: chaotic neutral

A rival bard to Frederica. Stiofan is something of a celebrity among the nobility of the Atrus Empire. He also plays the lute as a primary intrument but is just as well known for his harp and lyre playing.